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With the move on the way, I haven't been writing a lot, but if anyone's interested, I finally managed to finish my short story on the theme of "music". (I'm hoping it can go in the anthology planned by the PSG group for November/December—same kind of deal we worked on in 2013, with all profits going to a charity.)

As usual, if you'd like to read it and leave a few comments, just give me an e-mail address, and I'll share it on Google Drive. :)

It's somewhat steampunkish, somewhat dark, somewhat funny, somewhat on crack, and somehow, I managed to stick bagpipes in it. OK, seriously, I have no idea what it's worth. But I had fun writing it. ^_^
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Pour ceux que ça pourrait intéresser, les trucs que je vends en ce moment: (pas mal de bouquins en français, style ma collection de Ténébreuse—je ne les relirai jamais en français).

Pour ceux que ça n'intéresserait pas, n'hésitez pas à faire tourner le lien quand même, SVP. ^^ A ce stade, il faut que je vide mon appartement, et j'avoue que si je peux en tirer un peu de sousous, ça m'aiderait bien à payer mon déménagement... (On va dire que j'en suis même au point de faire une collecte en ligne, c'est dire la lose.)

Et donc, oui, ça sous-entend, pour ne pas dire que ça l'indique très clairement, que conformément à ce que je racontais dans mon post précédent, en mai (bouh que ça date!), je me tire en Ecosse. Genre, je me tire. J'ai un appart, des colocs, j'ai signé le bail, tout ça. Voilà. J'ai toujours pas de boulot, mais passons, ce sera de toutes manières plus efficace de chercher sur place.

PS. Je crois que je dois encore un beta-lecture à [profile] mimissato. Toutes mes excuses. T_T Je suis tellement dans cette histoire de déménagement que le cerveau ne suit plus trop. Si ça peut consoler, ça fait des mois que je n'ai plus touché à mes propres romans non plus, et des semaines que je sèche sur une nouvelle que pourtant je devrais finir avant, heu, le 31 août, pour avoir le temps de la corriger ensuite. Ce n'est donc pas du tri préférentiel de ma part, hein.
(Du coup, est-ce que tu as encore besoin d'une BL? Ou éventuellement d'une BL un peu plus tard, pour un potentiel deuxième tour? Encore désolée, mais te filer une BL de merde, à peine survolée en diagonale avec trois pauv' notes dans la marge juste parce que je n'arrive pas à faire plus, pour moi ce serait plus du foutage de gueule qu'autre chose, en fait...)
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Drawn for Spread The Love Day.
The thumbnail links to the drawing on Tumblr, but if you're on dA, you can also view it there: (I filed it under Mature Content, and I'm not sure if you can view those when you don't have a dA account).

Whole story behind the cut )
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I could only stay the one day (yesterday, that is), and didn't come back with as much loot as I could have... but hey, I'm on a tight budget, what's with Edinburgh in August and all. ^_^;


Lukas "Don't mess with me or I'll destroy your face" Oswald Werner (my 7th Sea character)

Elena by Rakiah
Elena by Hachiko
Elena Castaldi (my 7th Sea character)

Leanne by Hedrick
Leanne Dostro (one of hedrick's characters)

And of course, the mandatory loot:
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For my 7th Sea "Journalists' Guild" sourcebook project (and because when inspiration strikes, these days, I let it roll critical damage):

Fiona Claridge, Master Swordsman from the Robertson School—a school that uses a rapier to attack, and a cloak to parry and/or entangle the enemy's sword. A member of the Swordsmen's Guild, this young woman from Avalon is quite a feisty person, but also one attracted to money, with skills and connections related to Kirk's underworld (she's a Scoundrel, not a Hero, anyway).

In the sourcebook, she's meant to be both help and antagonist to the Journalists. Help, because she was quick to jump on the opportunity to lead her own group of swordsmen, for them to be hired as bodyguards as soon as a journalist asks for one (investigating can be a dangerous job sometimes). Antagonist, in that she won't see well to said journalists learning how to wield a sword: if they can defend themselves, then her guys won't be hired anymore, will they? Which means less money for her... (In other words, that's for the GM to decide.)

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Not an actual character in our campaign, but one I designed for a free "guild book" I’m currently working on, following the Vendel League's guilds model. (In game, we created a Journalists’ Guild in Kirk, and I found it funny to make an actual PDF out of it.) It's also the reason why this drawing isn't the most detailed ever: I need to make several of those, and if I draw them all in colour and with tons of details, I’ll never stick to it.

In my source book, Neri basically holds a role our characters filled in themselves, due to being quite experienced and full of XP, but that would make them too powerful and jack-of-all-trades if left as is: that of informer. He’s not officially part of the Guild, but has got a lot of connections in Kirk's underworld, and gets paid in exchange for whatever information he gets his hands on—after which the journalists themselves can start investigating. You never know what kind of shady trade that wealthy, renowned Merchant is in, and where his guilders really come from, do you?

Neri’s a Vodacci criminal who was cursed with constant bad luck: for him and for others (Unlucky Arcana Flaw + Foul Weather Jack Background... hence why I gave him that totally inappropriate family name XD). After one too many catastrophes following his antics in Vodacce, Prince Bernoulli put a price on his head if he were to ever set foot in his lands again, and Neri decided to flee... as far as possible... like, he heard the climate was mild in Kirk that year. He’s technically a Villain, but I gave him the Unbound advantage, which means Elena the Strega can’t read him, and so he was given the benefit of the doubt. He's also banned from approaching the printing presses themselves: nobody wants to spend the next two days repairing them.
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Because that one has been sitting almost completed on my hard drive for two years, and it was high time I did something with it!

Lily Stone, our Glamour witch & bard from Avalon (ongoing 7th Sea campaign).

And can you guess I'm really trying to get back into the mood for drawing? Even if it has to start with finishing already existing stuff first, rather than starting something anew. Although, speaking of new things, I'm about to start working on a commission... and I also want to do something with this sketch: Vodacce Shall Fall.
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A sort of continuation on, only with less zombies and more snow (I must've sensed THAT one coming, because the whole town's indeed covered in snow this morning). The whole things had a rather Silent Hill-esque quality, too: eerie calm, too calm, with deserted streets and snowflakes falling lazily, leaving me with the feeling that something, I would never know what exactly, was about to jump me in when I'd expect it the least; shadows, mostly, much like the shadow children in the first game, but taller. Other human beings turned into shadows by the first Shadow People, maybe? Or the original inhabitants of this alternate city? Also, once again, it took place in Strasbourg, with much of it near the Ill river.

I remember meeting an older woman—not really old, just 'older' than I, as in, in her 50s, and still very much alert—who was also trying to find her way here. She was writing a book about the city, and since this ghastly turn of events, had decided to include all the weird things in it too, taking a lot of pictures. She told me that she had been a widow for a long time, her betrothed having died during World War II (hey, it was a dream, so why not, even though the timefram would never match), and we talked about what our lives had been 'before'. There was also a gang of teenage girls with knives, who attacked us near the frozen river, but more out of feeling completely lost than really being evil, and we managed to talk our way out of this predicament and sort of brefriend them, rather than fight.

I woke up shortly after, so I don't know what that dream/story could've turned into. More than events themselves, it's the whole surroundings I'm keeping a vivid feeling of: the ashen snow, the eerie quiet... Yes, I definitely sensed the snow coming today.
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Not sure what's with me and zombies, perhaps because I've been reading a couple of indie stories about those recently, as well as considering buying the Walking Dead comics, and having received Dearly, Departed in my mailbox.

I had that dream about being the daughter of a doctor, living in Strasbourg, long after a zombie epidemics breakout had occurred. So zombies weren't something totally new, the living had found out ways of protecting themselves and all, but of course the undead remained a constantly growing problem, and there were less and less people who managed to remain alive. My 'father' and I were trying to reach the Esplanade university campus, where the last researchers still alive were trying to come up with a cure. Alas, at some point, my 'father' was unfortunately killed,during a particularly intense and nasty attack in Neudorf, and it was left to me to reach the campus and bring his notes and work to the other researchers. To do so, I had to enlist the help of a tramway driver, and use his train to escape a swarm of zombies that kept on chasing me to eat my brains. I let you imagine what a crazy car tramway chase could look like. I actually found that pretty funny, in all the meanings of the word.

Too bad I'm not remembering everything now, because that dream what interesting, and I think would make a decent basis for a fun short story. Well, if you except the part where one tramway out of two was reserved for zombies, and you had to be very careful not to jump into the wrong train, even though it was nicely announced on the electronic panels at each station. XD

My second dream that night was another of those nightmares about trying to teach something to a classroom full of asshole teenagers, despite me doing everything disciplinary-wise, and not being 'weak' or anything. But those are such recurrent dreams that I'm not bothering writing them down anymore. *shrugs*
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I know, I know, those of you who follow me on dA/FB/Tumblr/Twitter hhave seen it already. But hey, I like to brag. Especially after months of barely being able to hold a pencil and do anything remotely 'creative'. :P

This is a tentative cover for "Was", or, rather, for its first volume:

In terms of design, if you feel there's an imbalance of sorts on the right and bottom sides, it's normal: I used the pocket book template provided by LuLu in order to place the various elements on the cover, and these sides correspond to bleed areas, that get cut after printing. So I can't include any important element in those. I don't know if I'll go with Lulu in the end, but I know that this design will allow me some leeway if I decide on a slightly different format in the end.

Was wasn't supposed to be a trilogy or whatever, but it's just so complex that it's either crapping up a 2000-page monster, or dividing it in something more manageable. Since I'd really like to publish it in ebook format, and perhaps even on LuLu or any other print-on-demand platform, I think it's best if I consider the practical aspect before I finish writing a 1-volume beast, and then find myself going all "oh noes". For the moment, if you want to read the new (and, hopefully, improved) version, you can either do so on Wattpad: (which is going my teaser-page more than a whole publishing place), or by sending me your e-mail address (for Google Drive, where you'll get more chapters).
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Here are my latest two:

* Following the posting of this picture on Facebook, I dreamt of that very coffee table, which was in the office of some unnamed general (I only know Rowan Atkinson was cast in the role), in some sci-fi series, sort of a crossing between Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica. A general who practiced necromancy—don't ask, and just blame my rewriting of Was for that. And he had a subordinate, who was also his apprentice in magic, and as he wanted to get rid of another lieutenant on the ship, he kept demanding said subordinate to plant cursed magical items in that man's room, so that he'd die. Except the lieutenant was Adrian Monk, and so, of course, he always noticed that something was wrong in the room, and managed to get rid of the item in time. In each episode.

Do I sense a strong potential for comedy here?

* Second dream (from the past night): I was with a group of people in a derelict and abandoned factory, which was probably somewhere in the Port du Rhin industrial area of Strasbourg. Can't tell who exactly was with us, but we were at least 5 people, including [personal profile] rapunzelita, and also Gwen from Merlin (yes, I've been watching Merlin recently). And an elder man who acted as our mentor and wanted to protect us. We were there as hostages, taken by a group of at least 10 guys all clad in black and balaclava masks, and were told that if we kept quiet during the whole night, until they were done with whatever they had to do, we would be released in the morning. Incidentally, the one telling us that was their boss, and he wasn't wearing a mask, so I did my best Emmeline Brown impersonation and blurted out something like "you're lying, you'll kill us, since we all have seen your face, so why bother keeping quiet?" Many things (often silly ones) happened, along the lines of our group trying to lay traps, pretending we had to go to the toilet (which was flooded and I had to stick my hand in the flooded hole to get some key—seriously, James Sunderland, leave my body!), blocking doors with barrels, and other useless tactics.

At some point, a woman sneaked in, saying she was from the police and was here to infiltrate the place, and [personal profile] rapunzelita went with her to help while I was trying to keep our captors distracted with telling them stories. Unfortunately, the cop got shot, and we had to figure out how to hide her and keep her alive without the terrorist/burglars/hostage-takers/whatever knowing where she was. The 'end' of the dream is already all blurred now—my phone alarm went off, and you can't avoid waking up with Silent Hill 1's opening theme blaring in your ears—and I just remembering there were also telepathic powers triggered, maybe along the lines of "anger and despair freed our inner powers, especially after we realized the woman's gun was actually an Evoker" (I guess using it made *some* kind of sense, then).

No kidding, if my therapist once asks me to tell him about my dreams, I wish him good luck to figure out what they reveal about me. Except that I probably watch too much TV these days.
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Je fais un peu de ménage sur mes étagères, et j'ai décidé de me défaire de certains bouquins de fantasy et autres. Non pas qu'ils sont nuls, mais ils sont en VF (principalement du Presse Pocket), et je sais que je ne les relirai jamais dans cette langue. Avant de mettre tout cela sur eBay ou PriceMinister, est-ce qu'il y aurait des intéressés ici? (Je pense faire un tarif du style 2 euros/livre, et sans doute arrondir le chiffre à l'inférieur de toutes façons pour les packs.)

Je n'ai pas encore fait la liste complète, mais je peux déjà dire qu'il y aura:
* La trilogie des Flèches de la Reine (Mercedes Lackey)
* Plusieurs livres des Chevaliers-Dragons de Pern (Anne McCaffrey)
* Les premiers bouquins des Derynis (Katherine Kurtz)
* Du Anne Rice (ses 4 premiers bouquins de vampires, Le Lien Maléfique, La Momie)
* Quelques romans datant de ma période "vampirique" (Fred Saberhagen, Whitley Strieber, Jeanne Faivre d'Arcier...)

Bref, si ça en tente certains, n'hésitez pas à me faire déjà signe. Je préfère de loin arranger mes potes que de parfaits inconnus sur eBay. ^^

(Ah oui, une partie de ces livres a été achetée d'occasion, mais ils sont encore en bon état: les pages ne se détachent pas, les couvertures ne sont pas déchirées...)
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And a damn high time it was, because I really don't like being in a lull art-wise, especially since said lull is likely the product of depression rather than of lack of subjects to draw.

Yeah, it's Ewan. Again. No surprise for you guys, I suppose, but quite one for me, because I didn't think he'd be the one I'd start drawing about. I had started another picture a few days ago, but then I went with the spur of the moment and did the little thing below.

Besides, drawing half-naked sexy boyz should be a requirement in therapy, even if they look depressed. No, really, I mean it. ;)

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Une petite réflexion que je me suis faite ce matin en écrivant — qui ne m'empêchera pas de continuer comme je le fais, vu que moi, personnellement, ça ne me dérange pas, mais... du coup, je suis curieuse

J'explique. Ca va être un peu long,  mais tant pis.

Il y a quelques temps, je lisais des critiques d'un bouquin sur Goodreads. Je ne saurais plus dire maintenant de quel livre il s'agissait, un truc de YA un peu générique avec des anges et des démons. Une personne avait mis une sale note au bouquin avec comme commentaire quelque chose du genre "en le lisant, j'ai découvert que ce livre mettait en scènes des démons, ceci est inadmissible", etc etc (j'en ai déduit qu'on avait affaire là à une personne très croyante, qui ne veut pas lire de trucs où les démons sont présentés sous un jour, je ne dirais pas appréciable, mais en tous cas pas purement bibliquement "les démons, c'est le mal."

Pourquoi je parle de ça, vous allez voir dans une minute.

Suite ici parce que, quand je dis que c'est long, c'est long )
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Two things here:

1) Any writer (or aspiring writer) in my F-list who's ever put their novel, excerpts from their novel, and/or short stories on Or know anyone who did it? Did it go well? Bring in readers, pieces of advice? Did it cause problems (copyright, etc.) in the end?

I'm asking because an indie author I sometimes chat with has told me about this site, knowing about my big WIP (I mean Was). Right now, I probably wouldn't post anything on Wattpad, if only because I haven't decided yet if Was would be a huge 1-volume novel or one made of 2 or 3 shorter volumes, and I have my doubts about both methods. I created an account all the same, just to book a place for myself there, so to say. For now, I'm just wondering about the potential benefits or drawbacks of such a website.

I don't intend to submit Was through the traditional publishing system. It's just too weird and experimental, and I don't know myself where I'm going with it. My original plan was anyway to offer at least the first chapters for free, on my website, so if they're online on another platform, it doesn't matter that much. Unless that other platform is known to pull a Facebook and screw with their TOS and with whose contents belongs to whom, that is... Hence my question.

2) Speaking of Was, I rewrote the first chapter, and am currently reorganizing some of the other chapters. Though I won't post those online, not after I had already posted 25 or so of them on my writing LJ, if anyone's interested in reading the new version, I'm willing to put it on Google Drive (I'll just need your e-mail address in a PM to send you the link). A lot of those changes are minor ones, but I think that if you put them all together, they create enough of a shift in the story itself (and in its parts yet to be written) to be important in the end. Besides, those of you who read it in 2009, as I was posting during NaNoWriMo, probably don't remember all the details anyway, right? ;-)
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So, well, I signed up for that challenge on [profile] homebrewbingo, and requested a bingo card. It'll probably take ages to complete, at least if it goes just like the 100 Themes Challenge, but since I'll do it through writing mainly, and not drawing (or so I think), who knows, maybe it'll make me write *short* fics for a change. Besides, I get to toy with pr0n prompts! And prompts are great for when I want to write but have no specific ideas! Yay! ^_^

P.S. Expect quite an amount of Was characters in the lot, because with the prompts I got, I have to do something at least with Marek, Ewan and Adrian (I don't mean with the three of them necessarily together, haha).

Bingo card w/ prompts )
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Wonderful birthday gifts from the lovely ANIMAfelis on dA.

The first one stemmed from a private joke, complete with mock conversation, about the concept of "Strip-Tetris" (yeah, no kidding), and features Ewan & Nick (the artist's own "Mage" character).

The second one features my Hermetist character, Irena Angendijk Van den Haag, and was commissioned by my good friends in Strasbourg. (Since I was also given thee high-res file, I'll definitely get this one printed as a poster to hang in my living-room!)

Two days after these pictures were unveiled, I am still in awe, and drooling everywhere.

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This is probably the last 50BC entry of the year—because I've reached that goal. =) But I'll go on adding which books I read, I think. (For now, I'm going with Goodreads "2012 challenge", which I upped to 100 books in 2012. Just by reading in August, I should get close to completion. XD)

Anyway, here are the books I read in July (both for fun and for the Agrégation):

Total: 64/50

Granted, a lot of those were pretty easy YA reads—the kind of thing I go through very fast—and I haven't drawn at all, nor written a lot this summer, which accounts for all my "free" time for reading. Expect such a list to get drastically reduced by September. ^_^;

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No school holidays, and a frigging set of oral exams for the Agrégation this month. On the other hand, those were over after June 20, I had time to read while travelling by train or during the DNB exams (because I was put to watching over the corridor => nothing happening), and when I was sick at home. Not to mention that YA novels & novellas are stories I also read very fast (much more than grammar books XD). So it all evened out in the end.

And as a bonus for the exams (given how long those books are, I certainly deserve to add them to my list!):

Total: 43/50

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After spending a whole day working on English grammar, there's nothing more pleasant than finding a nice surprise like this one... And once again by my lovely friend on dA. :D (It makes me feel even more to be done with those Agrégation oral exams, so that I can finally go back to drawing—more specifically, on the pictures I still owe to a few people.)

This is Sarah Valentine from Shadow Nexus (normal world version), weaving her magic in her Bedlam cell.
So. Frigging. Fitting.

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