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With the move on the way, I haven't been writing a lot, but if anyone's interested, I finally managed to finish my short story on the theme of "music". (I'm hoping it can go in the anthology planned by the PSG group for November/December—same kind of deal we worked on in 2013, with all profits going to a charity.)

As usual, if you'd like to read it and leave a few comments, just give me an e-mail address, and I'll share it on Google Drive. :)

It's somewhat steampunkish, somewhat dark, somewhat funny, somewhat on crack, and somehow, I managed to stick bagpipes in it. OK, seriously, I have no idea what it's worth. But I had fun writing it. ^_^
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Une petite réflexion que je me suis faite ce matin en écrivant — qui ne m'empêchera pas de continuer comme je le fais, vu que moi, personnellement, ça ne me dérange pas, mais... du coup, je suis curieuse

J'explique. Ca va être un peu long,  mais tant pis.

Il y a quelques temps, je lisais des critiques d'un bouquin sur Goodreads. Je ne saurais plus dire maintenant de quel livre il s'agissait, un truc de YA un peu générique avec des anges et des démons. Une personne avait mis une sale note au bouquin avec comme commentaire quelque chose du genre "en le lisant, j'ai découvert que ce livre mettait en scènes des démons, ceci est inadmissible", etc etc (j'en ai déduit qu'on avait affaire là à une personne très croyante, qui ne veut pas lire de trucs où les démons sont présentés sous un jour, je ne dirais pas appréciable, mais en tous cas pas purement bibliquement "les démons, c'est le mal."

Pourquoi je parle de ça, vous allez voir dans une minute.

Suite ici parce que, quand je dis que c'est long, c'est long )
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Two things here:

1) Any writer (or aspiring writer) in my F-list who's ever put their novel, excerpts from their novel, and/or short stories on Or know anyone who did it? Did it go well? Bring in readers, pieces of advice? Did it cause problems (copyright, etc.) in the end?

I'm asking because an indie author I sometimes chat with has told me about this site, knowing about my big WIP (I mean Was). Right now, I probably wouldn't post anything on Wattpad, if only because I haven't decided yet if Was would be a huge 1-volume novel or one made of 2 or 3 shorter volumes, and I have my doubts about both methods. I created an account all the same, just to book a place for myself there, so to say. For now, I'm just wondering about the potential benefits or drawbacks of such a website.

I don't intend to submit Was through the traditional publishing system. It's just too weird and experimental, and I don't know myself where I'm going with it. My original plan was anyway to offer at least the first chapters for free, on my website, so if they're online on another platform, it doesn't matter that much. Unless that other platform is known to pull a Facebook and screw with their TOS and with whose contents belongs to whom, that is... Hence my question.

2) Speaking of Was, I rewrote the first chapter, and am currently reorganizing some of the other chapters. Though I won't post those online, not after I had already posted 25 or so of them on my writing LJ, if anyone's interested in reading the new version, I'm willing to put it on Google Drive (I'll just need your e-mail address in a PM to send you the link). A lot of those changes are minor ones, but I think that if you put them all together, they create enough of a shift in the story itself (and in its parts yet to be written) to be important in the end. Besides, those of you who read it in 2009, as I was posting during NaNoWriMo, probably don't remember all the details anyway, right? ;-)
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So, well, I signed up for that challenge on [profile] homebrewbingo, and requested a bingo card. It'll probably take ages to complete, at least if it goes just like the 100 Themes Challenge, but since I'll do it through writing mainly, and not drawing (or so I think), who knows, maybe it'll make me write *short* fics for a change. Besides, I get to toy with pr0n prompts! And prompts are great for when I want to write but have no specific ideas! Yay! ^_^

P.S. Expect quite an amount of Was characters in the lot, because with the prompts I got, I have to do something at least with Marek, Ewan and Adrian (I don't mean with the three of them necessarily together, haha).

Bingo card w/ prompts )
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The group DAOCC has been publishing a series of interviews regarding OCs/original stories, and I'm this week's interviewee with Was. (Because I don't post the most recent chapters on my writing LJ doesn't mean I've stopped working on this story, on the contrary and far from it.)

For those who might be interested, you can read it here.

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