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I should really get back to work, instead of reading silly V:tM tales about silly players, but really, this is just funny.

The Michelle Chronicles
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OK, I figured out, I'm not using my DW account, and it's a shame. So I've searched for a workaround for me to use Semagic with both LJ and DW, since I don't like the online HTML editors, and I'm going to test it now, both for posting and for x-posting. (I'm not going to bother importing all my old LJ entries into DW, though.)

Also, since there'd be no point in making a post just to announce that, I'm testing it with a real purpose in mind:

I need a word starting with "N", and that could be used to name a programming language whose acronym is ALAN. (Named after Alan Turing, of course. After all, there's already an Ada language, named after Ada Lovelace, so why not!)
So far, I've been going with "Algorithmic Language Applied to N...", but I'm kind of stuck at this point.

It might be of help to know that I am NOT developing a real language: I've just come up with that acronym to name the programming language Ewan/Echoes uses to code his Reality-bending rotes (both in Was and in Mage: the Ascension). Since it's a language used to code magick, I suppose the "N-" name could be related to sorcery/magic, too. I just need an idea to work with, is all. :-)

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