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This is probably the last 50BC entry of the year—because I've reached that goal. =) But I'll go on adding which books I read, I think. (For now, I'm going with Goodreads "2012 challenge", which I upped to 100 books in 2012. Just by reading in August, I should get close to completion. XD)

Anyway, here are the books I read in July (both for fun and for the Agrégation):

Total: 64/50

Granted, a lot of those were pretty easy YA reads—the kind of thing I go through very fast—and I haven't drawn at all, nor written a lot this summer, which accounts for all my "free" time for reading. Expect such a list to get drastically reduced by September. ^_^;

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No school holidays, and a frigging set of oral exams for the Agrégation this month. On the other hand, those were over after June 20, I had time to read while travelling by train or during the DNB exams (because I was put to watching over the corridor => nothing happening), and when I was sick at home. Not to mention that YA novels & novellas are stories I also read very fast (much more than grammar books XD). So it all evened out in the end.

And as a bonus for the exams (given how long those books are, I certainly deserve to add them to my list!):

Total: 43/50

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In between school holidays, Ascension Day (long week end off) and Whit Monday (day off as well), and various personal downtime, I managed to cram a few more books in this. 'Course in hindsight I tell myself "I should've worked for the Agregation more!", but I was just really tired all the time, so reading was the most I managed to do anyway. I didn't even draw. :(Total: 30/50

Been reading a couple of other books, but I'll add them to the June list. For now, I also need to read for my upcoming oral exams...
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Since I decided last month that it was time to commit once again to more serious reading, here's the list of what I read in April—I doubt I'll finish anything else by tonight, anyway. I was helped in that by the Easter week-end, one week of holidays, and the fact that I was too down for half the month (the teeth crap) to do much, except reading. But really, not turning on the computer first thing in the morning and reading instead also helped. ^^

Total: 12/50

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