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Birthdate:Aug 15
This is the LJ of the being mainly known as Yzabel or Kerydwenn. Technically, this is not a Friends-only LJ, but I admit that I actually happen to lock a lot of my entries all the same.

The Kery is mostly a creature addicted to reading, XIXth century novels, science-fiction and fantasy, as well as to manga, comics and roleplaying-games (mainly tabletop, although online are fine as well). You may find her dabbling in drawing and writing, too; she carefully keeps a stash of texts and planning notes at [info]yzabel_writings.

At the present, the Kery has won the battle over a huge monster called License degree in British & North-American Languages & Civilization, while keeping her eyes on an even more cunning monster only known in grimoirs of old under the name of 'CAPES'. National competitive exams for the win! Should everything go wel, the Kery will be a teacher in a year or two, and live in interesting times.

The Kery is a very cyclic person. She tends to write on the spur of the moment, sometimes she rants, sometimes she post about good things... She has her mood swings and little problems like anyone else, and doesn't always take the time to "calm down" before adding an entry about something that really enthralled or shocked her, so if she's at times quite vocal when expressing her opinions, well, that's just her way of being.
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