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In between school holidays, Ascension Day (long week end off) and Whit Monday (day off as well), and various personal downtime, I managed to cram a few more books in this. 'Course in hindsight I tell myself "I should've worked for the Agregation more!", but I was just really tired all the time, so reading was the most I managed to do anyway. I didn't even draw. :(Total: 30/50

Been reading a couple of other books, but I'll add them to the June list. For now, I also need to read for my upcoming oral exams...
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Not something I'll buy today, I don't have enough money, but this doesn't mean I shouldn't try and *save* for one, right?

I've been considering getting an eReader of some kind. There are plenty of books I own in PDF format and such, but that I never read, because I don't like sitting in front of a computer to do so. "Reading", for me, is something you do on the sofa; or on the balcony; or sitting on the grass next to the river/in apark; etc. Not in my living-room, staring at my netbook's screen.

I don't really know what's the best of the best, nor could I afford top-notch products anyway. I've been looking at the Kindles on Amazon, and I think the Kindle Touch may be interesting. Has any of you tried it? Is it worth buying, in terms of price vs. features? (I don't care that much for the 3G version, the networks in my area are crappy anyway, and the basic Wifi connection would probably be sufficient, regarding my needs.)
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The group DAOCC has been publishing a series of interviews regarding OCs/original stories, and I'm this week's interviewee with Was. (Because I don't post the most recent chapters on my writing LJ doesn't mean I've stopped working on this story, on the contrary and far from it.)

For those who might be interested, you can read it here.
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Puisque je fais l'effort en ce moment d'écrire un commentaire sur Goodreads au sujet des bouquins que je lis, et que d'un autre côté, je n'ai pas grand chose à écrire sur mon LJ, j'en posterai à l'occasion quelques unes, du moins celles qui ne spoilent rien ou pas grand chose. (A moins que mes lecteurs-fans en délire ne me réclament toutes mes reviews, mais bon, voilà, n'abusons pas.)

Quadruple assassinat dans la Rue de la Morgue )
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Since I decided last month that it was time to commit once again to more serious reading, here's the list of what I read in April—I doubt I'll finish anything else by tonight, anyway. I was helped in that by the Easter week-end, one week of holidays, and the fact that I was too down for half the month (the teeth crap) to do much, except reading. But really, not turning on the computer first thing in the morning and reading instead also helped. ^^

Total: 12/50


Apr. 18th, 2012 06:33 pm
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Alright, I admit that except preparing my tests for Friday, and taking care of some chores in the flat, most of my day has been spent on Pottermore. XD I hadn't planned on subscribing at first, but then I saw it mentioned on my TwitterList, and registered yesterday, and now I'm having fun with potions and the likes. (The WTF part, though, is that about nicknames. If someone you know wants to be your friend, s/he must tell you through otherchannels, because "SpiritGalleon6093" just doesn't make any sense to me.)

By the way, I'm EchoSickle457, if anyone's interested in adding me. Just, er, tell me it's you. ^^

And I was sorted into Slytherin. Go fig.
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Stuff that, as usual, was sitting half-completed on my hard drive. So I just slapped some vague shading and a texture, and there. At least now I can say I "drew" something in March. ;)
(No, really, I wanted to draw and post something... only with the Agrégation in 9 days, I'm too restless to sit down and work on something better for hours in a row. I preferred to 'finish' a very basic picture, though, rather than not touch my Intuos for a full month!)

I think I won't even comment on these two anymore. I'm so predictable in my themes these days. XD (But, hey, they ARE cute together!

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I should really get back to work, instead of reading silly V:tM tales about silly players, but really, this is just funny.

The Michelle Chronicles
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OK, I figured out, I'm not using my DW account, and it's a shame. So I've searched for a workaround for me to use Semagic with both LJ and DW, since I don't like the online HTML editors, and I'm going to test it now, both for posting and for x-posting. (I'm not going to bother importing all my old LJ entries into DW, though.)

Also, since there'd be no point in making a post just to announce that, I'm testing it with a real purpose in mind:

I need a word starting with "N", and that could be used to name a programming language whose acronym is ALAN. (Named after Alan Turing, of course. After all, there's already an Ada language, named after Ada Lovelace, so why not!)
So far, I've been going with "Algorithmic Language Applied to N...", but I'm kind of stuck at this point.

It might be of help to know that I am NOT developing a real language: I've just come up with that acronym to name the programming language Ewan/Echoes uses to code his Reality-bending rotes (both in Was and in Mage: the Ascension). Since it's a language used to code magick, I suppose the "N-" name could be related to sorcery/magic, too. I just need an idea to work with, is all. :-)
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Pouvoir chanter Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen (alias la fameuse aria de la Reine de la Nuit dans La Flûte Enchantée).

Enfin, je crois que je peux me gratter, parce que j'ai beau être une soprano, à mon avis je ne suis pas une soprano colorature. (En fait, je me demande dans quoi je me classe. Si ça se trouve, je suis en fait mezzo-soprano? XD)

EDIT: Vous trouvez pas que Tamino a la même coupe que Musclor? C'est terrible.

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