Feb. 9th, 2013

kerydwenn: (ygorla)
A sort of continuation on http://kerydwenn.livejournal.com/428743.html, only with less zombies and more snow (I must've sensed THAT one coming, because the whole town's indeed covered in snow this morning). The whole things had a rather Silent Hill-esque quality, too: eerie calm, too calm, with deserted streets and snowflakes falling lazily, leaving me with the feeling that something, I would never know what exactly, was about to jump me in when I'd expect it the least; shadows, mostly, much like the shadow children in the first game, but taller. Other human beings turned into shadows by the first Shadow People, maybe? Or the original inhabitants of this alternate city? Also, once again, it took place in Strasbourg, with much of it near the Ill river.

I remember meeting an older woman—not really old, just 'older' than I, as in, in her 50s, and still very much alert—who was also trying to find her way here. She was writing a book about the city, and since this ghastly turn of events, had decided to include all the weird things in it too, taking a lot of pictures. She told me that she had been a widow for a long time, her betrothed having died during World War II (hey, it was a dream, so why not, even though the timefram would never match), and we talked about what our lives had been 'before'. There was also a gang of teenage girls with knives, who attacked us near the frozen river, but more out of feeling completely lost than really being evil, and we managed to talk our way out of this predicament and sort of brefriend them, rather than fight.

I woke up shortly after, so I don't know what that dream/story could've turned into. More than events themselves, it's the whole surroundings I'm keeping a vivid feeling of: the ashen snow, the eerie quiet... Yes, I definitely sensed the snow coming today.

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