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Drawn for Spread The Love Day.
The thumbnail links to the drawing on Tumblr, but if you're on dA, you can also view it there: (I filed it under Mature Content, and I'm not sure if you can view those when you don't have a dA account).

The story behind this couple deserves some explanation, because it’s quite specific to our game (as you can see from the drawing, Russello isn’t human, but neither is he a Sidhe). At some point in our campaign, our PCs went to the ruins under Freiburg to rescue a previous expedition, gone missing more than one year ago. There, we fell within what turned out to be a one-way crack leading to a sort of “pocket realm” within the Curia Vocis (the space between Porté portals). Our own expedition ended up stripped of everything and treated like animals by strange, but definitely humanoid people with blue skin, long ears and white hair. The whole group was taken away to the castle of their (evil) queen, Nimmelia, to be experimented upon; most inhabitants had been led to believe that human beings were non-sentient creatures, and the few who knew the truth worked with the queen anyway. Only five of us (among whom the three PCs, Elena, Oscar and Lily) were rescued by members of the local La Resistance. We learnt that the first expedition had also been captured and experimented upon; of course, we decided to free them. To do so, alas, we needed much more of a plan than “let’s bust into the castle”. For starters, said castle was the size of a city, so...

Long story short, the plan we devised with the Resistance guys kind of led to overthrowing the whole government, and involved getting in touch first with people from a body called the “Ethics Council”. If five members of that Council were to gather, they could perform a Ritual to reveal the truth about humans and condemn Nimmelia for having behaved in a non-ethical way; then we (and anyone else) would be allowed to fight her without breaking the law, and free our friends in the process. Since the Queen was totally aware that the experiments she had ordered were oh so wrong, all members of the Council were under house arrest, and forbidden to meet each other. Thus began Elena’s attempts to contact some of them, disguised as a prostitute, complete with blue-tinted skin, false ears and white wig.

Not knowing where to start, only that the Council members always wore white, she started looking around in the palace-city, and finally noticed from afar a guy that may match such a description. Being a Fate Witch, she looked at her Strands with him, saw that the four Strands were here, decided it must mean something, and followed the guy home. Her gamble paid off: she managed to enter his house under the pretense of “being here to pleasure him”... and that’s how she came to meet “Prince Russello.” Both of them hit off almost at once. Russello played a great part in helping to gather a few more Council members, partly because he's a telepath (which made meetings easier), partly because Elena could see his Strands with other Council members and locate them more easily. And the Ritual could be performed in the end.

A lot of things have changed since then in our version of 7th Sea. For starters, although we succeeded in overthrowing Nimmelia, she still managed to complete her own plan: bring back her whole kingdom from the Curia Vocis... onto Theah. >.< Now every map of “our” Theah has to be drawn again, due to pockets of interstitial towns and villages having popped here and there. For the sake of clarity, Russello’s people were named “the Numians” (this is the name they give themselves in their own language), and our characters have been trying to help them adjust to a life under the sun and moon, instead of living in what amounted to “caves” in the interstice.

As for Elena and Russello? Well, a few days after that big event, the Fate Witch made a move, put on her best seducing attire, and finished winning his heart. No Sorte involved, only bone fide mutual respect, witty retorts, physical attraction and good old honesty (she told him about Vodacce and her power, so that he knew what he was getting into). One of the definitely interesting parts about these two is the role they may have to play, as a sort of flagship for mixed races relationships, since they're technically the first ones who became an "official item" (and, unfortunately, we already suspect that the Numians haven't been welcomed with open arms everywhere, so if a symbol can help...).
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