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Not an actual character in our campaign, but one I designed for a free "guild book" I’m currently working on, following the Vendel League's guilds model. (In game, we created a Journalists’ Guild in Kirk, and I found it funny to make an actual PDF out of it.) It's also the reason why this drawing isn't the most detailed ever: I need to make several of those, and if I draw them all in colour and with tons of details, I’ll never stick to it.

In my source book, Neri basically holds a role our characters filled in themselves, due to being quite experienced and full of XP, but that would make them too powerful and jack-of-all-trades if left as is: that of informer. He’s not officially part of the Guild, but has got a lot of connections in Kirk's underworld, and gets paid in exchange for whatever information he gets his hands on—after which the journalists themselves can start investigating. You never know what kind of shady trade that wealthy, renowned Merchant is in, and where his guilders really come from, do you?

Neri’s a Vodacci criminal who was cursed with constant bad luck: for him and for others (Unlucky Arcana Flaw + Foul Weather Jack Background... hence why I gave him that totally inappropriate family name XD). After one too many catastrophes following his antics in Vodacce, Prince Bernoulli put a price on his head if he were to ever set foot in his lands again, and Neri decided to flee... as far as possible... like, he heard the climate was mild in Kirk that year. He’s technically a Villain, but I gave him the Unbound advantage, which means Elena the Strega can’t read him, and so he was given the benefit of the doubt. He's also banned from approaching the printing presses themselves: nobody wants to spend the next two days repairing them.
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