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For my 7th Sea "Journalists' Guild" sourcebook project (and because when inspiration strikes, these days, I let it roll critical damage):

Fiona Claridge, Master Swordsman from the Robertson School—a school that uses a rapier to attack, and a cloak to parry and/or entangle the enemy's sword. A member of the Swordsmen's Guild, this young woman from Avalon is quite a feisty person, but also one attracted to money, with skills and connections related to Kirk's underworld (she's a Scoundrel, not a Hero, anyway).

In the sourcebook, she's meant to be both help and antagonist to the Journalists. Help, because she was quick to jump on the opportunity to lead her own group of swordsmen, for them to be hired as bodyguards as soon as a journalist asks for one (investigating can be a dangerous job sometimes). Antagonist, in that she won't see well to said journalists learning how to wield a sword: if they can defend themselves, then her guys won't be hired anymore, will they? Which means less money for her... (In other words, that's for the GM to decide.)

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