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I know, I know, those of you who follow me on dA/FB/Tumblr/Twitter hhave seen it already. But hey, I like to brag. Especially after months of barely being able to hold a pencil and do anything remotely 'creative'. :P

This is a tentative cover for "Was", or, rather, for its first volume:

In terms of design, if you feel there's an imbalance of sorts on the right and bottom sides, it's normal: I used the pocket book template provided by LuLu in order to place the various elements on the cover, and these sides correspond to bleed areas, that get cut after printing. So I can't include any important element in those. I don't know if I'll go with Lulu in the end, but I know that this design will allow me some leeway if I decide on a slightly different format in the end.

Was wasn't supposed to be a trilogy or whatever, but it's just so complex that it's either crapping up a 2000-page monster, or dividing it in something more manageable. Since I'd really like to publish it in ebook format, and perhaps even on LuLu or any other print-on-demand platform, I think it's best if I consider the practical aspect before I finish writing a 1-volume beast, and then find myself going all "oh noes". For the moment, if you want to read the new (and, hopefully, improved) version, you can either do so on Wattpad: (which is going my teaser-page more than a whole publishing place), or by sending me your e-mail address (for Google Drive, where you'll get more chapters).

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