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So, well, I signed up for that challenge on [profile] homebrewbingo, and requested a bingo card. It'll probably take ages to complete, at least if it goes just like the 100 Themes Challenge, but since I'll do it through writing mainly, and not drawing (or so I think), who knows, maybe it'll make me write *short* fics for a change. Besides, I get to toy with pr0n prompts! And prompts are great for when I want to write but have no specific ideas! Yay! ^_^

P.S. Expect quite an amount of Was characters in the lot, because with the prompts I got, I have to do something at least with Marek, Ewan and Adrian (I don't mean with the three of them necessarily together, haha).

My prompts:

smiles/ laughing power issues swallowing flirting tragic flaws
hand fetishization muscled bodies snark non/dub-con patience
violent & dark natures au WILD CARD insanity body fetishes (other)
love & passion touching orgasm denial techno swords & sword-play
bruises & other wounds heroes gender themes beloved enemies ice princesses/ snow queens

1. Smiles or laughing
2. Power issues (inequities in beauty, rank, or class; power games; BDSM; power reversals; sheikhs, sultans, princes, and other royal figures; teacher/student pairings; magical powers; abuse of power; blackmail; romantic slavery; liege/lord pairings; issues of respect; sexual scenarios such as a dominant character giving his partner to others to use, or a character kneeling beneath a desk and blowing someone who's on the phone)
3. Swallowing (come)
4. Flirting (conscious or unconscious; with glances or touches; banter)
5. Tragic flaws
6. Hand fetishization (big strong hands; steady hands; rough knuckles; calluses; fists clenching in sheets)
7. Muscled bodies
8. Snark
9. Non-consensual or semi-consensual sex (sexual extortion; bribery; reluctant or ambivalent partner; bondage and struggle; no means yes; other consent issues)
10. Patience (e.g., showing patience toward a character who is brain-damaged or who is struggling bitterly with being recently crippled; or to a character prone to irrational fear or outbursts; patience with children; see also Gentleness)
11. Violent and dark natures (sadists; assassins and murderers; sociopaths who make twisted, scary displays of affection, conflating love and violence; criminals and villains in general; characters who are ruthless, merciless, casually vengeful; soulless demons or vampires; monsters in general)
12. AUs (alternate characterizations and situations; sex between alternates of one character or between different characters; alternates as catalysts for realization of desire; role reversal; darker mirror universe characters; mistaken identity)
13. Insanity (involuntary or false committal; characters appearing insane when their beliefs or fears are real; sedation and restraints; asylums; dementia; therapy)
14. Body fetishes not listed elsewhere (ears, muscular arms, breasts, bald heads, collarbones, cheekbones, bare feet or chest, etc; fatness, plumpness, softness; skin, e.g., weathered, tanned, soft)
15. Love and passion (falling in love; love at first sight; one true love; eternal love; unconditional love; star-crossed lovers; tempestuous passions)
16. Touching (stroking and caressing; cuddling or nuzzling; huddling for warmth; hugging; holding hands in public; touching as UST; brief brushes of contact either deliberate or accidental; PDAs; thighs brushing under a table; comic physical entanglements; someone gripping a wounded character's hand)
17. Orgasm denial
18. Techno (technophilic themes; artificial humans; character is copied or downloaded into mechanical host body; other ghost in the machine scenarios; androids and cyborgs as sexual partners; wetwear enhancements; cyberpunk aesthetic; VR or Matrix scenarios; see also Otherness)
19. Swords and sword-play
20. Bruises and other wounds
21. Heroes (knights and champions; superheroes; samurai or ronin; super-soldiers; ordinary characters becoming heroes and characters overcoming fear with bravery; rebel/underground heroes; saviors and liberators; avengers; see also Heroic gestures; Good boys)
22. Gender themes (gender confusion; sex changes; genderfucks; hermaphrodites; cross-dressing or other forms of genderbending; drag queens and transvestites; androgyny; forced feminization; butch/femme; tomboys)
23. Beloved enemies
24. Ice princesses, snow queens (cold characters who may or may not succumb to melting; need not be female)

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